A Weekend in Emilia
When we moved to Selvapiana, we found what we had long been searching for, but that somehow has always been a part of us: the gentle profiles of the hills, cars rarely passing by and the more common sight of tractors, colours changing day by day, new faces becoming familiar  and part of our everyday life over time.

A few days ago, we celebrated the first month since the opening of Dimidium. Our door-guestbook is filling up with beautiful thoughts and words, various languages and different handwriting. All the people who left a mark of their passage here have a lot in common: the quest for tranquillity and time for themselves, the desire to share their story and learn about ours, the curiosity to explore the territory and know its story.

Hikes and walks in the nature

Whether on foot or by bike (as was the case for our French guests who stayed here at the beginning of November), Dimidium can be the starting point for hikes and walks of varying difficulty. The goal is always the same: to discover our hills, enjoy breathtaking views and unique glimpses, and appreciate nature and its pace.

On particularly lucky days, when the wind carries away fog and low clouds, you can see the Alps in the distance, as a backdrop, and the Apennines on the other side. In between, slopes, gullies, and perched castles that hand down a thousand-year history.

Rossena Castle, the Tower of Rossenella and the Alps

Good food and good company

Among the many excellences of this territory, food plays a preponderant role. Traditional dishes are often the best way to enjoy quality time together.

Just a few steps from Dimidium, you’ll find Trattoria Petrarca, which is the perfect place to enjoy a lunch (or dinner) based on genuine traditional food: tortelli, Zuppa Inglese, roasts and steak cuts. It is one of our favourite places, where we know we can always find a smile, a cozy atmosphere full of different stories as well as our favourite dishes.

Time to relax and take care of yourself

Our idea of Dimidium started right here: we wanted to create a place where to enjoy calm, tranquillity, and time for oneself. This vision is reflected in the choices we have made in decorating our rooms which do not have a TV and feature furniture from antique and vintage markets.

The silence or voices that animate the village, the constantly changing landscape, the tolling of the church bells and the vinyls playing in the breakfast room, our ancient house with a thousand past lives – all these things have a soul and an energy that we believe should be experienced and should replace the constant noise that populates our lives.

The Christmas season is approaching together with the hope that, like last year, the snow and the magic it brings will return. In the meantime, we are lucky enough to see the colours of nature changing day after day: the leaves are turning yellow or red, the morning fog gives way to the clear sky, and in the evening the biting cold mixes with the smell of wood stoves.

In a few days, the Christmas lights will be installed and we will create new traditions for Dimidium during this time of the year. We look forward to seeing you!

See you soon,