Valentine’s Day Our Way
If you were to ask either me or Paolo how we have celebrated Valentine's Day over the years, the first answer would be that on the 14th of February we only celebrate my name day. Our first Valentine's Day, for instance, we went to watch a Champions League match at the stadium.

I want to tell you honestly how we experience Valentine’s Day because of the pact we made when we started our journey with Dimidium: to stay true to our values and choices, and to share with you who we are.

No, we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day with chocolates or balloons, but we still think it’s wonderful to seize the opportunity to celebrate with the people we love – whether it’s partners, friends, family, our beloved four-legged friends, or ourselves. We believe the best way to do this is by dedicating quality time, savouring each moment, fully enjoying it.

We’ve also thought that a stay here at Dimidium with someone you love could be a cherished gift and a way to break away from daily life to immerse in an atmosphere of nature and peace.

We like to think we have a room for every type of guest that visits us. If you’re wondering which one might suit you, read on!

Dimidium on Valentine’s Day: the right room for your loved one

Each room at Dimidium has its own unique character and details. That’s the beauty of our rooms, so similar yet so different from each other.

If you want to discover them in detail, each one has its own dedicated page, but today, I would like to try to describe them to you in a new way.

Creta (Clay), for those who love light and are in search of inspiration

One of my favourite activities, especially since we arrived in Selvapiana, is to look out the window. It doesn’t matter at what – there doesn’t have to be something specific.

Observing nature, a tractor passing by, children going to singing lessons, cats chasing each other, someone going by for a walk and stopping for a chat.

Life flows, out there, and Creta has unique little corners from which to observe it.

The writing desk facing the main street of Selvapiana was specifically created for this room by our trusted carpenter: we imagined it just like this, in dark wood, with a flap on which to fill pages of a notebook or read a book while sipping tea.

Creta is cosy and bright. The fireplace in this room was once the heart of the kitchen while today is a decorative element as are the “drawers” under the window that once contained the embers for cooking.

For those who love silence and contemplating slow life with its infinite details, Creta is the ideal choice.

Terra (Soil), for unconventional adventurers

The scent of rice straw and rush that fills your nostrils as soon as you enter Terra creates a magical and timeless atmosphere.

There is nothing conventional in this room, starting with the bed: instead of a traditional bed frame, you’ll find handmade tatami and futon, crafted with materials of the highest quality to ensure the best possible rest experience.

Terra was our old living room, a place where we used to relax, reading thriller books and novels, enjoying grappas produced by Paolo and the view of family photos at the entrance.

This room combines different souls: it is deeply rooted to the place where it is located, overlooking the hills, but it has also witnessed the journey of a thousand stories. Its terracotta floor marked by time and the sweet softness of the pure cotton futon; a chair that rested, forgotten, in the cellar for twenty years and now finds a new life, and a Chinese chair, from robust wood, purchased at an antique market that has passed from hand to hand for a long time.

For those who love travel and discovery, Terra is the perfect room.

Salvia (Sage), for the hopeless romantics

The bathtub that fills slowly and a steaming cup of herbal tea, Salvia is this and much more.

Perhaps it was the first room that took clear shape in our minds: we knew we wanted a bathtub right under the window and we knew what sensations this corner of peace with sage-coloured textiles should convey.

One of our guests’ favourites, it is chosen precisely for the bathtub, as a special treat to give your loved one some time to themselves.

In this double room, you will also find a fireplace, a writing desk facing the hills, and an antique wardrobe discovered by chance in an antique market. The textiles, handcrafted and tailored for each room at Dimidium, evoke the colours of nature, creating a connection between the external and internal worlds.

Perfectly balanced and harmonious.

Pietra (Stone), for those who love imperfections

Among the many features that make us love this room, its imperfections are at the forefront.

The walls of Pietra are rounded. The surface of the room is irregular, occasionally crooked, without corners but dotted with bevelled edges instead.

Every time I enter Pietra, I am fascinated by the play of light on the curtain, on the bed, on the walls. It seems to be in continuous evolution and never the same, a perfect manifesto of what Dimidium is: imperfect and therefore sincere, honest, real.

It is also very spacious – the largest among our rooms so much so that it can accommodate a third bed – and features a writing desk that originally was a shoemaker’s table which Paolo has renovated to make it as you see it today.

For those who love imperfections as much as we do, Pietra is the right room in which to relax while listening to the slow rhythm of village life.

Valentine’s Day at Canossa: our gift to you

We wondered what we could do to allow you to donate and enjoy these precious moments here with us.

We thought to reserve for those who follow us and would like to come visit, a 10% discount code to book a stay at Dimidium.

The coupon is called DIMIDIUMLOVE – you can enter it in the “coupon” box during booking  and it will be valid for all stays from 14/02/2024 to 29/02/2024.

Upon your arrival, you will find a little thoughtfully chosen gift for you in your room!

Before I say goodbye I want to give you some food for thought, something I’ve been thinking about since we started imagining Dimidium.

You might have noticed that here you don’t read detailed descriptions of room amenities, towels, or hairdryers (we provide both!), but a story of our rooms, their atmosphere, and how we have thought of them for our guests.

Beyond holidays and celebrations, conventions and traditions, what you will always find here is the simplicity of sharing, the value of time, the rhythm of nature, true humanity, and respect for the place where we are lucky enough to be.

We look forward to seeing you,

See you soon.