Pietra has a “color history” from the past. We always referred to this room as the “pink room” because of the old wall color.

In truth, it is a mix between the old pink room, the largest in the previous layout of the house, and a smaller purple room that was completely eliminated to make room for the bathrooms.

The largest room in Dimidium, it is definitely unique.

What immediately catches the eye is its shape: rounded, imperfect, imprecise, and for that reason wonderfully fascinating. It recalls in every way the past of this house, built at different times and in different ways.

As soon as you enter, you immediately have the feeling of being in a corner of tranquility somewhere between the present and the past. Like the others it faces the street, albeit with only one window.

Keeping it slightly open can mean hearing the sounds of Biagio, our neighbor, tinkering in his warehouse just below. No fear, no commotion or bustle. Simply the normal pace of days in Selvapiana, made up of work, chimes of the small bell tower, the occasional exchange of words between those passing by.
Village life, slow and sincere, like the faces of the people you will see walking here.

Double bed and single bed

Private bathroom

Kettle and herbal teas from Dimidium

Free Wi-fi

  • Pets are welcome! Please inform us at the time of booking so we can make the best arrangements for your stay.
  • Check-in is available from 3 p.m., you can check-out until 10,30 a.m. Let us know if you have special needs!
  • You can park in our private courtyard and adjacent to the facility.

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