Our rooms

Dimidium has four rooms, all with their own private bathroom and characterized by something unique. Starting with the names we have chosen, strange in some ways, but closely related to our history and the history (at least the recent one) of the house.

In each room we wanted to offer something that could make your stay special, to be remembered.
These four rooms represent us and our idea of escape from daily routine – here where time still has a strong meaning and value.
We would like to offer you a few moments of peace and relax by accompanying you, discreetly, in our world: imperfect and non-linear, like the perimeters of these four rooms.

This is what, more than anything, shapes our idea of hospitality and escape from reality.
Welcome, we’re happy to meet you!


Creta had the most drastic transformation in the journey that led to Dimidium’s birth: it was our kitchen!


Terra was originally our living room, used for reading, relaxing, watching TV and every moment to live together as a family.


What is now Salvia has always been called the “green room”. Why? Because of the old color of the walls that perhaps, here and there, still resists in some small traces.


Pietra also has a history of colors from the past. We have always called it “pink room” because of the old wall color.