We always called Salvia”the green room”. Why? Because of the former color of the walls that perhaps, here and there, still resists in some small trace.

Salvia for a whole summer – and a little more – was our room, the only place where we had a bed to sleep while waiting to move.

If you look at the window when you enter the room, you feel you could dive into the heart of the green hills surrounding Selvapiana.

We are very fond of this room, for several reasons.
Perhaps it has the most beautiful view: if you look at the window as soon as you enter the room, it feels like you could dive into the heart of the green hills surrounding Selvapiana.

Several times we saw the rainbow growing on the slopes; from here we admired the snow falling softly to the ground, covering every field with its white candor. Here we spent our first nights in the new house, listening to the chant of crickets and letting in the fresh air of summer evenings. Here we hosted the first relatives and friends who came to visit us once we moved.

By transforming it, we made it unique, not only because of the presence of the fireplace. The bathroom is large and equipped it with a tub right under the window. We imagined the beauty of an autumn or winter afternoon to be spent pampered by the foam of a warm bath, the faint glow of a candle, a good book and the desire to relax in the peace of this enchanted place.

We don’t have a favorite room, since each one represents something. But Salvia certainly knows how to do that in a special way.

Double bed

Private bathroom with tub

Kettle and herbal teas from Dimidium

Free Wi-fi

  • Pets are welcome! Please inform us at the time of booking so we can make the best arrangements for your stay.
  • Check-in is available from 3 p.m., you can check-out until 10,30 a.m. Let us know if you have special needs!
  • You can park in our private courtyard and adjacent to the facility.

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